Partnering with The Learning Collaborative

The Learning Collaborative (TLC) invites businesses and training organisations that wish to provide their students or employees the opportunity to complete a nationally-recognised qualification to begin a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) partnership. If you are considering training your staff or students on your terms and getting paid to train, The Learning Collaborative has you covered.

Training materials

The Learning Collaborative will supply your business with training materials to be able to deliver your course. Including a range of elective options for your selection. These materials are all validated and can be re-branded to your business.

Administration and compliance

A TLC partnership will provide for you a complete RTO administrative support service, including enrolment packs, all data entry (enrolment and resulting), tailored reporting and issuance of certificates. This will ensure you do not need to purchase a student management system which would cost you thousands of dollars. In addition to recording and storing your student information we provide AVETMISS-Compliant reports to the Queensland Department of Education and Training (DET) to ensure you receive Government funding for all eligible students on a monthly basis.

Government-funded education programs

Access to Government funding can be difficult with audits and the high level of scrutiny on RTO practices, and is often the barrier-to-entry for newcomers. The Learning Collaborative has been in ‘Good Standing’ with the Department of Education and training for 12 plus years. This has allowed us to receive the Pre-Qualified Supplier (PQS) Status necessary to receive Government funding. Through third-party contracts we are now able to offer this financial assistance to your business. This assistance can in many cases cover the cost of delivering the Course itself, saving you thousands.


The Learning Collaborative will pay your business, submitting monthly claims to the Queensland Government for each completed Unit of Competency. To ensure you are paid correctly each month, TLC will work closely with you to ensure that all administrative forms and systems are in place to validate your funding claim.

Partnership eligibility

What we require to begin a partnership with your business and to ensure you have the smoothest transition through our induction process:

  • All trainers must hold the TAE40116 or equivalent qualification to be able to deliver training 
  • Trainers must have experience in the fields in which they have chosen to deliver
  • Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance certificate of currency up to $1 million 
  • Public Liability insurance certificate of currency up to $10 million
  • Paid Establishment Fee
  • Ability to collect Co-Contribution fees or to pay on behalf of students for any funded

Your role

  • To provide a place of study that meets the standards required of the course
  • To train students to industry levels of proficiency
  • To collect student information correctly
  • To upload completed units to Online File Manager (Sharepoint)
  • To check if students are eligible for funding
  • To collect student Co-Contribution prior to enrolment
  • To maintain the structure of your Training Plan
  • To notify TLC of any change of circumstance
  • To adhere to any Compliance notices issued

If you are interested in starting a paid training partnership with TLC
please contact us on the form below.