For those Students who find it difficult to access a classroom during regular hours, or have commitments to work, family, etc. that prevent them attending classes, Online study may be the best solution.

Online delivery allows you to organise your study schedule around the times that suit you best and can enable you to complete the workload in your own time, with Trainer communications generally conducted through email. This option is best suited to those who are self-motivated, and do not require regular in-person guidance in order to complete tasks.

For Students who find they have the time to attend a classroom environment and appreciate the support of a like-minded group all striving towards a common goal, this could be the ideal delivery method.

Face-to-Face delivery allows Students to access their Trainer during the course of their studies, rather than relying on email communications. This enables Students to more quickly access guidance and advice from their Trainer, and is ideal for those who find a group environment to be motivating and rewarding.