Audit Results

Audit Results

The Learning Collaborative is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Number 32350) regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) under the Standards for RTO’s 2015. These standards ensure that quality training and assessment is provided across the VET Sector.

ASQA and other Government Departments routinely conduct audits of RTO’s including Asset Training Australia. Below are copies of our audit reports for your information.

PQS Compliance Audit Audit Report (User Choice 2010 – 2015)  
Certificate 3 Guarantee Compliance Audit 


Continuous Improvement

The Learning Collaborative is always looking for opportunities to improve and it is important to note that the above audit reports are historical data and do not necessarily reflect our current practices. Non-compliances identified in those reports were rectified immediately and have since been reviewed further to improve our systems, processes and resources.

Our Management Team meet fortnightly to discuss feedback from clients, staff, industry and others to ensure that opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented quickly. In addition to the regular feedback that we receive, each of our policies and courses are systematically reviewed to ensure that they meet current industry best-practice standards.

Anyone that would like to assist us with our continuous improvement should email their feedback/suggestions to